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Eyeme project Automatic strapping tape Quality Control System

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Together with biggest manufacturer of packaging tapes (strapping) in Baltic states POLIVEKTRIS, LLC

Automatic Quality Control System implemented at POLIVEKTRIS facility significantly reduces the amount of "defect" produced, improves the overall quality of products, reduces the physical and psychological stress on maintenance personnel, increases labor productivity and the total volume of products.

Impressing numbers

The implementation of "Automatic Control System" on one of production line totally gives ~ 30% economic effect and helps to save up to 1 mln EUR per year.

In addition, the consumption of all types of resources is significantly reduced that leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions and reduces the overall environment pollution.

Implementation of "Automatic quality control system" for the production of packaging tapes (Strapping)

“Automatic Quality Control System” - “AQCS”

Product quality control is one of the most important aspect in any manufacturing process. But special attention to the flawless quality of manufactured products should be paid when the use of a low-quality product can lead to significant, and sometimes unpredictable, material and even human losses.

One of such products is Packing Tape (Strapping) produced by company – Polivektris, LLC.

For example the use of low-quality Plastic strapping when transporting goods by rail, road or sea, can lead to damage of the package with heavy goods, the weight of which in some cases can reach tens of tons, which can affect the stability of the cargo, its imbalance and ultimately may lead to a catastrophe - capsizing of the vessel or derailment of the railway train from the track.

That is why, due to the highest degree of responsibility, the quality requirements of Plastic Strapping remain so strict and uncompromising. All Plastic Strapping used for strapping cargo transported by rail, road, sea, or air requires special certification provided by authorized organizations.

Therefore, it becomes obvious why the quality of the strapping should be very high and all the time under very strict control.

Implementation of quality control of plastic strapping during the production process

Strapping is produced on modern, complex, and high-tech equipment with computer control. An automated control system monitors hundreds of different parameters of the production process at the same time, and each of these parameters can directly affect the quality of products. However, the main burden of quality control of the Plastic Strapping falls on the shoulders of the manager of the team operating the production line, i.e. quality control is done manually.

The production process is continuous and the Plastic Strapping is formed in the "multi-strand" mode in the number of tens and even hundreds of thousands of meters. For measuring the quality parameters of the produced Plastic Strapping – strict and deep control is required with a discreteness approximately every five to ten minutes (the more often - the more effective and reliable). Since it is required to check all the parameters of the Plastic Strapping manually, there is a huge risk of failures in the production process, which can lead to stopping of the line. In addition, there are increased risks of a significant number of defects. Negative effect of human factor becomes clear and obvious. Experience shows that the operator spends up to 50% of his working time on carrying out measures to organize proper quality control. Based on the mentioned facts, it was decided to involve eyeme to develop and introduce AQCS into the production process of Polivektris company.

The working principle of AQCS

The system is mounted in different stages of the production line and consists of laser scanners, control and management system, monitor, central control of the production line system.

With the help of a laser scanner device system, the geometric dimensions of the strapping (width and thickness) are measured in a continuous mode on all moving strapping simultaneously, along their entire width and length. The number of measurements can reach tens of thousands per second, depending on the type and modification of sensors. All the received information is sent to the central control system which processes and analyses the data for compliance with the specified parameters and is transmitted for visualization to the Information Visual Display Unit.

If the parameters of the strapping do not correspond to the specified ones, the system issues an audible and light alarm signal so that the operator pays attention to the existing problem and eliminates it in manual or automatic mode. In manual mode, the operator controls the entire production process, changing certain parameters of the line, by entering their values ​​from the keyboard of the Central Control Computer of the production line. Besides eyeme developed software allows to have full analyses of the processes and statistic by any desired period of time.

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